How to hack online casino slots

This method allows you to win on slot machines without hacking (without interfering or changing the program of the slot machine). I.e., does not require penetration into the innards of the slot machine.

Requires a cell phone (smart phone)

A special program on the PDA is synchronized with the slot machine by combinations entered on the smartphone. After synchronization of the smart phone, it knows in advance all the winning moments which will give the slot machine play sizzling hot game for a long time. At those moments, the smartphone will signal about it – give vibration signals. During the signals it is required to press the start button of the slot machine and get your winnings.

Synchronization for hacking

Synchronization of the handheld occurs in manual mode, by entering a few values in the smartphone. The values depend on what the slot machine at the moment on the monitor screen. Each picture is assigned a special code, which should be entered into the PDA via the keyboard. When you enter several values, the PDA synchronizes its random number generator with the generator of the slot machine.

Creating Opportunity

For the creation of the algorithms themselves is designed program “calculator”. The program creates a special file (the effect of which can be adjusted from several hours to several days). The created files will already work on the PDA. Uploading files to the smartphone is via a flash card.

The way to win a slot machine Gaminator without access and hacking using a cell phone is based on the calculation of mathematical calculations of random number generator slot machines. A special program “RNGenerator” allows you to make the calculation of random numbers.

Now, with the program “RNGenerator” does not need access to the electronics of the slot machine to win. You do not need to install sim-modules with buggy firmware or any other devices.

The method works without opening doors and breaking into the slot machines

The third way to break into the slot machine – its firmware. Reprogramming involves the replacement of the native software to the modified software in which the corrections can be made, in particular to increase the percentage payout the machine. To perform firmware you will need a special programmer. You can also contact us and we will perform reflashing at the highest level in the shortest possible time.

Some may think that the hacking of slot machines is not worthy, but these idealists are unlikely to be so insistent on their point of view, if they knew that the owners of gambling establishments systematically cheat them by installing greedy firmware. The desire to hack your electronic abuser is peculiar to our inquisitive mind and mentality. And so, what are the best ways to choose? The most reliable is to hack the software of the slots.

The casino website places slots and invites users to play. But in fact, all spins, roulette wheel turns, poker combinations, etc. are not conducted on the site itself, but on the provider’s server. This algorithm makes the task of hacking much more difficult, because it would be necessary to deal with serious programmers, working for the benefit of the software manufacturer.

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