10 Chinese Anime like Cupid’s chocolate (Aishen Qiaokeli-ing…)

10 Chinese Anime like Cupid’s chocolate (Aishen Qiaokeli-ing…)

What might you do if someone week you’ll awaken getting the number one dude at school? For some this might be a dream comes true but for our MC from Cupid’s Chocolates, he felt like he’d been cursed. Yes, numerous babes confessing to him in which he does not know them, this individual only became the harem king in school, exactly how could this be even conceivable?

Alright, these types of would be the premise of Cupid’s Chocolates, or Aishen Qiaokeli-ing…, a Chinese anime that earliest premiered in 2015 from G.CMAY movement & pictures. It’s on the list of oldest love Chinese anime for its brand-new enthusiasts from the rising donghua sector. Cupid’s delicious chocolate spanned 2 periods and had recently been a phenomenal ride starring an entertaining rom-com cliche in a college style.

Cupid’s goodies overview

Jiang Hao Yi, a regular high-school scholar who is acutely afraid of obtaining into dilemma suddenly will become the Harem master of his or her college and will get revealed to by a group of gorgeous teenagers! An ucertain future thing try, Jiang Hao doesn’t know many of the models whom revealed to your! What the deuce is happening? [Via: Anime Globe]

So, enthusiasts who are wanting a whole lot more Chinese anime like Cupid’s goodies; we had listed here some show that you could wish to search. Used to don’t contain those anime from Japan because i do believe you’d watched them a great deal. In this article, all of the databases are Chinese anime, simply and to market some program that some followers may not knowledgeable about.

10 Chinese Anime like Cupid’s Chocolate

Hot Female

Ma La Nu Pei | Definitely not a harem but Spicy woman have the ability to the spices of laughs and love to set making use of entertaining and candies of Cupid’s chocolate. It observe the tale of an actress that is infamous for actively playing a villain part caused by the lady skin https://datingmentor.org/escort/coral-springs/ phrase while in concept, she’s not really that sorts of girl. However, their daily life quickly improvement as he achieved this new man who generally seems to generate them business moves inverted.

My Favorite Cultivator Girlfriend

My Cultivator Girlfriend

Wo de Tian Jie Nu your | a modern of Cupid’s goodies, our Cultivator Girlfriend are illusion and relationship donghua with motion and growing cliche. It offers some ecchi feelings and an urban illusion setting that can tell your of Cupid’s chocolate shenanigans.

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Ideas on how to Sneak 55 Kisses

Suggestions Rob 55 Kisses

Here’s almost certainly the most popular love Chinese anime, there’s dilemma and a lot of action designed to prompt you to just fall in love and little distressed in addition. They flourishes considerably when you look at the intriguing advancement when you look at the commitment of these two primary figures.

Psychic Princess

Tong Ling Fei | sure, we have a famous romance donghua second on the set. May possibly not get a harem however, but I decided our personal princess will have the lady harem eventually, or do I need to state reverse-harem. There’s actions, fantasy, relationship, and entertaining funny.

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The Track Record of Abnormal Wildlife

Record regarding the Mysterious Beings

I can’t declare that it is harem yet although it does share the same looks as Cupid’s Chocolates. Journal associated with the mystical pets employs situation of a typical dude who were live in conjunction with supernatural animals, a werewolf, and a vampire.

Lan Mo’s floral

Lan Mo de Hua | we felt like the full second of seeing this is so that quick however it’s a cute encounter. Lan Mo’s floral revolves around a school romance dilemma cliche, the unattractive duckling MC along with her famous attractive friend, etc. Then, there’s the magical item offering entry towards metropolitan illusion build. It’s absolutely nothing unique but it really certain is a cute facts to check out.

Huge Listing

What’s going to you will do if you’re circled by a temptress, a bizarre demon, and a lady who had the power of a goddess? Nowadays, that feels like a harem anime, correct? Actually, such is the situation with our character Feng Xi, he is in the middle of these women just like Jiang Hao from Cupid’s chocolate but he’d more effective things to do than flirting with these people, will the man have the option to save your self the planet if these teenagers become catching their interest?

Nuwa’s log

Here’s a Chinese anime that female readers will definitely take pleasure in. There are parts of additional styles like transmigration/reincarnation and comedy that appeals to the center with the people.



Oh hold off, this may not a harem, it is not romancing YET but URL touch was a Chinese anime like Cupid’s Chocolates that you need ton’t skip watching. Its urban dream organize are wonderful and in some way they can feel nostalgic.

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Planting Guide

Envision getting a harem of fairies, or demons at the least? Here’s a good donghua that aired final 2020, a Chinese isekai anime with an enjoyable philosophy. Will you obtain fairies with the seeds basically planted? Here is how all of our MC create his or her growing, they obtained the energy to cultivate demonic seed products, and once these people become older and bloom, a fairy can be born from flora. He or she going his trip to collect those demonic seed products, this suggests he’ll staying acquiring his own harem of fairies, is not it?

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Moreover Ideas

Very, i’ve listed here some even more recommendations of anime like Cupid’s delicious chocolate for fans to determine. I’ve also consisted of some Japanese cartoon the following:

  • Immemorial Passion For An Individual
  • The Demonic King Which Chases His Wife
  • Fox Spirit Matchmaker
  • Please Grab My Brother Aside
  • Fight Throughout The Heavens
  • Serve Censorate
  • Regular Magister
  • Absolutely Love Tyrant
  • Shuffle!
  • My own mind selections are Completely Interfering with my favorite School intimate drama
  • Bokuben: We Never Read
  • The Quintessential Quintuplets
  • The Testament of Uncle Unique Devil

Alright, thus, making this just where I shall eliminate your variety of appropriate anime enthusiasts of Cupid’s Chocolates. Exist even more collection that you want become included in our record? Tell us by making a comment below.


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